Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Musings on the Rich and Famous

You know what? I'm just going to say it: Amy Winehouse makes me want to vomit, and I wish she would disappear. Go somewhere where people can't take pictures of you, and where you can't act like a complete tool. Preferably go to rehab..buuut really, just go away.

I used to kind of feel sorry for her, buuuut cripes, now I'm just annoyed. Clearly she has issues, but she also clearly does not feel like she needs to deal with them. I'm tired of her making my Perez Hilton reading experience a little bit too depressing. Cause girl is depressing as hell. I'm not into the trainwrecks. Sometimes trainwrecks are funny, in a "oh my god, brit shaved her head" kind of way, but oftentimes it goes a little bit too far, and leaves me feeling a bit ashamed of myself for reading and gossiping about people I don't even know, and shouldn't really even care about. Fame is a weird thing.

Amy Winehouse has one heck of a voice, but she is wasting it. And that is stupid of her. I'll take your voice please Amy!

This has got me thinking about role models for young people today. I'm not saying that young people's role models should be people in the media, preferably it would be a teacher, a parent, family member, or someone in the community, but let's face it, the media consumes many aspects of our lives, and it is kind of inevitable that youngins are going to find someone in the media to idolize. And hopefully it's somebody like....Miley Cyrus as opposed to...Jamie Lynn Spears or Amy Winehouse.

"ohhh, buuut mom her big hair and black eyeliner are just SO COOL".

While I'm even entertaining a post about famous people, which won't happen all too often, let me say this. I think Miley Cyrus is pretty okay. Especially as a role model. That whole Vanity Fair controversy? So stupid. It was pictures of her bare back, get over it! Yeah, she's 15, but I'm pretty sure she wears bathing suits in public, and probably even on her show (that I never ever watch weeknights at 5:30 on the family channel), and a bathing suit is a whole lot more revealing than a picture in which her back shows, and she is covering herself with a sheet. Gawd. Is there nothing more important happening in the world than Miley Cyrus' bare back? That whole week of news was redonk. Breaking news I think not.

I think I was eventually intending to lead into a paragraph about media role models I had when I was a kid, buuut I sure can't remember any. I don't think I had any Hannah Montana or Zoey 101 equivalents in my day. Jodie Sweetin? Candace Cameron? Great show....but I wasn't too interested in emulating either one of those girls. how rude. I think I was probably outside skipping, building makeshift go carts, exploring ravines or having fake garage sales. Much more exciting stuff then was ever on television. I think the media was less *everywhere* then, and it didn't have quite the effect it does nowadays. And my parents were more apt to tell me to go play outside.

I do however think that famous people, especially famous people of a certain age group, need to realize that they appeal to a certain demographic, and thus act accordingly. Yeah, maybe people shouldn't care quite so much about their personal lives, but the fact is, they do. They need to realize that a responsibility comes with the fame and fortune they get to enjoy. mmmmhmmm.

Anyway, this post has succeeded in making me feel quite old, and quite nostalgic, and wondering how long I will be able to stand looking at that Amy Winehouse photo on my blog.

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sp said...

That is one scary picture, it's enough to make we want to go to rehab, "i say go go go"

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