Saturday, March 6, 2010

Random Notes from a warmer climate...

Oh crikey, I'm getting so behind on reading everybody's blogs. I'm trying.

I recently got hired as the local expert for Niagara for Planet Eye Traveler, and it's awesome, but also time consuming. I've also been busy applying for other jobs because I need to find some way to support myself upon my return home. I"m hoping to find something part time and not horrible. Preferably something that doesn't involve sitting for 8 hours a day.

I have a ton of Florida pictures to put up here, but I will have to do it later as we are leaving soon to check out some ghetto garage sales and then go on an airboat ride through a swamp. The boat is called the "Wild Thang". Yesssss!

I've changed my mind about Florida/Beach vacations. I used to be very leery because I'm kind of a jumpy person and I need to be doing something at all times, but I've learned to slow it down a bit here, and it's kind of nice. At home I usually am always stressing about something, but I haven't felt that familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach since being here, and I will love Florida forever for that!

I am endlessly entertained at sitting and watching the ocean. This may make me sound like a complete old lady, but I could seriously stare at it for hours. I am determined to spot a whale or a dolphin. And the sound of the waves? I adore it. The other day I was walking the beach and I saw a jellyfish. It was so cool. And disgusting looking.

Yesterday we went to the loudest bar in existence and I tried oysters. They were always something I thought I would hate as I am not one for really chewy food, but shockingly, I liked them! There are oyster bars all over the place here! And the parking lots are just covered in empty oyster shells. When I first saw that, it made me gag a little bit, because ewww, but I suppose it's better than just throwing them out.

We sat on the beach yesterday for an hour and I ended up with the mother of all burns on my legs. It's weird...when I was a kid, I simply turned brown. Not now though. I should know this by now...I am pale as can be, so I have no idea why I thought I would get this beautiful tan. I am currently lobster red. And I rubbed my forehead when suntan lotion, but only in one part apparently, so I have a giant spot on my face that is white, and the rest is red. It's a nice look!

I also signed up for MatadorU...finally! And I'm the process of setting up an actual travel blog. I am stuck on the name. I stink at coming up with clever names for things. It's the part I dread most whenever I write a blog post/article or whatever.

The accents down here are so cool. Except! I can never understand what people are saying. I love Southern drawls, but I cannot even tell you the number of times a person has been talking to me and I just stare at them blankly, repeating, "pardon?", about three or four times before they inevitably give up, or someone I'm with translates for me. Mostly it's the old men I can't understand, and let me tell you, there's a lot of them here. Everybody is super friendly though; I have had numerous strangers put their arm around me and pat me on the back. It's so jolly here.

ohh and apparently we are leaving RIGHT now...I will catch up with everyone soon!


Julie Treveyan said...

Followed you on Twitter to here. :)
Congrats on just becoming the Local Expert for Niagara! I'm the Local Expert for southern Utah's National Parks & Moab for, and it's wonderful, as well as very time-consuming. Be prepared!

I'm also putting together a destination-specific blog for myself (on Southern Utah, of course), and it's a touch intimidating yet exciting. Also contemplating name, sigh! Anyway, have you read these ebooks by NomadicMatt, they're very helpful for doing just such a thing.

Good luck finding the un-sitting p/t job when you get home. I look forward to reading your travel blog when it's up.

Nuke Girl said...

Can't wait to see the pics!! Glad you're having a good time! :)

carissa said...

I'm so glad you are having fun! ut next time you have to come to texas to hear a REAL southern accent. haha I can't wait for you to get your travel site up and running that will be awesome.

bec said...

Hey Meg, Congrats on your gig with Planet Eye Traveler! Followed your twitter link and I see you're just getting into it too, so you'll feel my pain on wondering how the heck it all works!?

Good luck with MatadorU and look forward to reading more of your stuff!

Steve Mirsky said...

Another Florida destination on my must-do before I die list: Sanibel Island

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