Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Travel Blog

Pheww, I made it back alive and sane. Panama City to Savannah to Home is a long drive, but it wasn't so bad. I mostly slept. And read. And stared out the window as I tend to do.

As I've mentioned, I've been consumed the last little while with getting my new website up and running, and it's pretty much there. I'm sure I"ll be tinkering with it for months to come, because there will always be something I want to change, but here it is:


Let me know what you think!

I'll probably be concentrating mostly on that blog for the next couple of weeks until I get a routine straightened out, so ole Lost in Thought might be looking a bit neglected. Such is life.

And that is all! I hope everybody is having the same lovely weather that I came home to today. Spring has sprung and the snow is effin gone! (For now...Lord knows there will be some sort of freak April snowstorm that happens just to bug everybody and remind us that we do indeed live in Canada)


carissa said...

YAYYYYY!! i am so happy this is up! I'm saving it to my read right away!

Melissa said...

I love your travel blog! I just started one too, but am still getting it all set up. I love reading about people's adventures!

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