Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mamma Mia!

I LOVED this movie. It was so ridiculous, that it made me laugh. I think the whole thing was meant to be a big joke. It got horrible reviews, but honestly, I thought it was brilliant! All the actors were pretty good singers (Meryl Streep...who knew? Go girl!), with the except of James Bond. He was unfortunate. But everyone else? Loved. Christine Baranski...I've loved you since the days of Cybil. Julie Walters/Mrs. Weasley, I want you to be my grandma just like Betty White. ABBA, I"m going to officially adopt your music as the soundtrack to my life.

I got home from the movie, and I was like must...listen...TO ABBA. So it went on my IPOD, and then I danced to ABBA for a long time. Then I got up this morning, danced to ABBA some more, and was then running late for work. More ABBA or shower? That was the question. I chose more ABBA.

I really hope from the bottom of my heart that there is a place, somewhere in the world, where people just sing their lives away. Instead of talking. Please lord, let somebody find this place and tell me about it, so I can move there. No, it would never get tiring. It would be all singing and dancing and skipping, and general happiness. I also really hope this place is on a beautiful island in Greece. That is randomly filled with an overpopulation of cute 20something boys who enjoy dancing and singing while wearing snorkeling equipment.

I love musicals. Always have. It started with Annie when I was younger and it has just snowballed from there. I know the words to an alarming number of show tunes. One day, my goal is to try out for a musical, and be cast as one of the chorus people. Not a main role, but one of those people that doesn't really get noticed, yet still gets to wear a cute costume and sing all the best songs.

I had to refrain myself from dancing down the street to work this morning (while listening to ABBA). I should have just done it. Maybe on my way home.

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sp said...

Couldn't agree more, all abba all day long!

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