Monday, July 28, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

Hi Megan

I’ve reviewed Ottawa, and unfortunately, it was not what I was hoping for.
I’ve re-written it all and can email the doc if you would like.

We’ve found that several writers have tried this format – some with success and others not so much.

Unfortunately, given the time it took to re-write I’ll have to pass on any other assignments.

Sorry Megan, but we tried.

Brutal. I would rather this person have said, this travel guide is a piece of shit, rewrite it. Or perhaps...offer any suggests at all as to what I did wrong. Like...well, what were you hoping for then? I think we skipped about one step in the middle of me sending it, and you telling me you had to rewrite the whole thing. Whatevs. I'll admit it was not my best writing. But still. To a Tee I followed the freaking....arg. Brutal.


sp said...

ooops, perhaps you should relay your thoughts to him not your blog. you have to advocate for yourself my friend.

Meg said...

don't worry, i do. i just found the whole thing amusing,and slightly sketch so i wrote about it.

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