Saturday, January 2, 2010

Regrouping. I hate titles....I'm just going to start putting random things..., that was quite an absence. I have no excuse really. I had 11 days off of work, and I spent it far away from the computer. It's been an awesome holiday though! Christmas! Food! Skiing! Not injuring myself while skiing!

I've read a lot, watched tons of movies, and did a lot of hanging out. I am really not looking forward to going back to work on Monday.

I can't believe it's 2010. Like, where did the last year even go? Where did the last decade go? I feel so old.

I've spent the last couple of days watching lots of Party of Five (umm I totally forgot I had season two on dvd, until one of my friends mentioned season three, and I was like...hey, wait a minute!). I also recently downloaded the Super Nintendo Versions of Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country onto my Wii. This was the best and worst idea ever. Best because those games rocked! And worst because now a scary amount of time during my day is spent throwing barrels at cartoon alligators. Oh nostalgia.

2009 rocked my socks, and I'm uber excited for 2010. I have no idea what is in store, but I just can't wait to find out! Hopefully it will involve lots of travelling! I have no solid plans except for a trip to Florida.

I'll be back to regular posting next week. For the next couple of days I'm just going to continue slothing it around.

In unrelated news...some awesome books I have read lately if anyone is looking for some to add to a 'must read' list:

Geek Love--has anyone read this? Shit is messed up, but I thought it was great. I appreciate authors who have such wacked imaginations. I envy them.

Book of Negros--this book is amazing. Amazing. I highly recommend everyone read this book.

I just got the new Chuck Thompson book today...he's one of my favourite travel writers, and I got to meet him last year at a reading, and I acted like a total awkward dork. haha. oh my.

Alright, I'm off to beat the Donut Plains. See you here next week friends!


Angry Redhead said...

Get "Mario Galaxy"!!! I freaking LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Let's travel to Dogtown this year!! For real.

- Kristen

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